Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Huge New Releases Today

So today is a gigantic day for new releases on the urban scene. I have listened to the new Busta Bust and Blackout 2 and let me tell you to go cop those immediately. I honestly cant give high enough praise to Meth and Red on the quality of their new joint. It has everything old and new rap fans will love from intelligent lyrics to hot beats. You know exactly what you are getting from Busta Rhymes and he doesnt disapoint. Arab money has been growing on me and although it is old, I keep it in heavy rotation on my hits playlist.

Finally, Dj Drama aka Mr thanksgiving is coming through with a new album entitled Gangsta Grillz 2. I've heard some of the tracks and feel it is rather lackluster due to the absence of the star studded lineup that his first commercial album maintained. I know Drama wants to showcase his new artists such as Willie the Kid and La the Darkman, but I am not impressed by either mcs skills. However, I do ride with the tracks, love for money, day dreaming, and must be heard.

Oh yeah that new Eminem comes out today and everything ive heard off it just reinforces my hatred towards Eminem. His first album is amazing so dont get it twisted, but if i hear him use that annoying high pitched voice one more time I may ram my head into a brick wall.

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