Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Songs of 2009

I've decided to post my top 10 songs of 2009. Let the record show that these are not the best songs or the most popular, but the songs that I thought were DOIN IT this past year.

10) Soulja Boy ft Fabolous, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy-Turn My Swag on Remix

9)Fabolous ft Drake-Throw it in the bag remix

8)50 Cent ft Ne-Yo-Baby by me

7) Maino ft. T-Pain-All the Above

6)Gucci Mane ft. Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and Birdman-Wasted Remix

5)Wale ft Lady Gaga-Chillin

4)The Dream ft. Fabolous, Ludacris, Rick Ross, and Juelz Santana-Rockin that Shit Remix

3)Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, and Lil Wayne-Blame it remix

2)Rick Ross ft Robin Thicke-Lay Back

1)Jay-z ft Kid Cudi-Already Home & Clipse ft Cam'ron-Popular Demand(Popeye's)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Street Hits

Thought I'd blaze the streets with some hot new tracks as we begin to roll into the weekend.....

Young Jeezy ft Lil Wayne-Scared Money

Supposedly the street single off the long anticipated Thug Motivation 103

Game ft Fabolous-Never Stop Hustlin

I'm guessing this is off Game's new R.E.D album, but either way its a banger

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday hits

Street bangers to get your weekend going....

R. Kelly-Exit

My favorite track off my favorite R&B singers new album

Timbaland ft Drake-Say Something

I know this is late, but this track is sick

Lil Wayne-On fire

Single off the rebirth(due out who knows when)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clipse - 'Til The Casket Drops

As the notorious PMC alluded to below, a tracklist and snippets from the long-awaited album have arrived, and they sound serious. I had heard Malice and Pusha-T were trying to go with more varied production, but it looks like they stuck with the tried-and-true formula, as the Neptunes produced most of the album. After all, why fix what ain't broken? The LP is rounded out by a few contributions from DJ Khalil and the Sean C/LV duo. Check the link below; sounds like they got it right.

- JB


Waking up this morning I was graced with some hot new tracks from some of my favorite artists which you can peeps below.....


I can not wait for Till the casket drops. Best Rap Duo.

Snoop ft R. Kelly-Pimpin aint EZ(off malice in wonderland)

Kells is back with the one and only Doggfather

Yo Gotti ft Lil Wayne-Women Lie, Men Lie

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Boom Bap Continuum

Our good friend Riley over at Happy Genius Heroes hooked us up with a crazy mixtape that was put together by some heads from London (2tall, Kper and DJ Clockwork). The collection spans the last 10 years of hip-hop (one mix per year), and the range of artists is nuts: Afu-Ra, Common, RZA, Cannibal Ox, De La Soul, Pete Rock, MF Doom, Aesop Rock, J-Dilla, and Little Brother just to name a few. Great collection, peep the link below.

Oh, and for your rock fix, check out HGH on the regular. They hold it down like a paperweight. Chuch.

- JB

Monday, November 30, 2009

Blu & Exile - Below The Heavens

Had to drop a quick note about a 2007 album that I first heard a couple months ago; "Below The Heavens" by Blu and Exile. My guy hit me up and told me I had to hear this, and he was correct; it's been in my rotation since my first listen. Blu is a newcomer from Cali with a nice flow, and Exile provides top-notch production throughout. Definitely a duo to keep an ear out for; get your hands on this LP if you can. Hit the links below for a few choice tracks. One.

- JB

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday night R&B

Let's end the weekend on the softer side with a few R&B hits......

Alicia Keys-Diary(Unplugged)

This is seriously one of my favorite videos ever because my man singing with the back up singers absolutely murders this song.

R Kelly-Banging the Headboard

"Oh my god a rubber rubber rubber"

112-You already know

Classic 112 and one of the most underrated R&B groups of all time.

Sunday Hits

It's a lazy Sunday after a successful thanksgiving weekend, so why not hit the streets with some new jams.......

DJ Kay Slay ft Ray J, Yo Gotti, Jim Jones, and Busta Rhymes-Blockstars

Common ft John Legend-Strange fruit

The Roots-How I got over

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Album Review: People Under The Stairs - Carried Away

Thes One and Double K have been doing this for a while now, and if you haven’t heard of them, they’re a duo that needs to be on your radar. With acclaimed albums such as “Stepfather,” “O.S.T.,” “The Next Step” and “Fun DMC,” few have represented LA as enthusiastically and developed such a unique sound. As the album cover suggests, “Carried Away” is their 7th album. Does it live up to the others? Definitely.


The album kicks it off properly with “Step Off,” a track that begins with a sample of what sounds like a British academic, who says, “Somehow pot and pills and assorted academics aren’t enough anymore…I need something more; more than a pill, or a pint or a poem...I need the hard stuff.” What follows is a simple yet powerful muted-guitar sample, echoed vocals and driving percussion. A track full of “we’re still here, and we’ll never quit” braggadocio, Thes One concludes with a line that echoes throughout the album: “We’re forever the P.”

Two joints that PUTS fans will undoubtedly appreciate are “80 Blocks From Silverlake” and “Down In LA.” “80 Blocks” features a funky electric piano sample, while “Down In LA” includes a slower piano sample and carefully-placed percussion. These are the type of tracks you expect to hear from PUTS, as Thes and Double K rap about the laid-back party life of the West Coast. Although the flow is definitely there, neither is blowing you away with witty lyrics or crazy methaphors; their work has always hinged on the production. The two have always had an incredible ear for samples, and it shows again here and throughout the album.

Two other nice tracks include “Trippin At The Disco,” an upbeat, feel-good track that was the LP’s first single, and “My Boy D,” an addictive, bass-heavy song that features a wah-wah guitar sample and trademark PUTS storytelling.

As most PUTS albums do, this one concludes with some of the album’s best production work. The last track is also the title track, and features a soulful guitar sample, echoed vocals, and drums that fit the mood of the song perfectly. Here, Thes and Double K pay tribute to hip-hop, and let you know that they truly love doing what they do.


There are two complaints I hear from both PUTS fans and non-fans. The first is that all of their songs sound alike. If you feel that way, than this album won’t be for you, as it’s pretty much more of the same from PUTS. The second is that there are too many goofy songs about drinking and blowin trees. There are two tracks devoted to just that on this album, “Beer” and “Cmon, Let’s Get High." Personally, I don’t have a problem with it if the rest of the album is filled with good work and the corny tracks are entertaining, which is the case here. PUTS are known for clowning and having fun on the mic, and these types of tracks fit in with that. It’s genuine.


To be sure, this album is one of my favorite releases of the year. I can’t get enough of Thes One’s production; in fact, I’d confidently put him among the top 15 producers of all time. It’s tough to consider anyone underground these days, but I’ve heard people say that Ant of Rhymesayers fame is the best underground producer, and I put Thes One right up there with him. The two are neck-and-neck.

PUTS are one of those rare acts that can be artistic and skillful, and look like they’re actually having fun doing it. If you need something a little lighter to ride to, cop this album now, you won’t regret it. There’s true talent here.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

- JB

Lupe Mixtape Quick Review

As expected, it's on point. Lyrically, very few are on his level, period. The only knock is that it's short. "All The Way Turnt Up," "Fireman," and "Say Something" must be heard. Download from 2dopeboyz here. Chuch.

- JB

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lupe Fiasco Mixtape - "Enemy Of The State: A Love Story"

Word has it that a new Lupe mixtape is set to drop on Turkey Day. Peep the video from 2dopeboyz here. Apparently Lupe has a chip on his shoulder, which is good news for all of us. FNF U-P!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Album Review: Wale - Attention Deficit

Does this really need an introduction? If you’ve been anywhere near a radio for the last year, you’ve heard of Wale. He’s generated a strong buzz (he was the house performer at the VMAs, after all), and many have been waiting on this album. But is he worth the hype? To the highs and lows we go.


As one might expect, Wale comes out the box swingin’ with the first track, entitled “Triumph.” Produced by David Sitek, the beat has a military feel to it, featuring an addictive horn section, echoed, dramatic drums, and background percussion. Wale’s swagger and clever flow are demonstrated in the first verse, which he concludes with the following: “Always knew where the pot was, with no receivers had to pick another option, Tommy Frazier on the motha fuckin 1 and 2s, or Michael Vick, if ya’ll bark, homie ya’ll through.”

The second track is one of the best on the album, entitled “Mama Told Me.” Produced by The Best Kept Secret, the beat features a dramatic string/horn sample and perfectly-placed percussion that give it an anthem feel. Wale spits the “struggle to success” verses that you’d expect to hear on a debut album, and he does it properly, letting you know that he’s arrived and here to stay.

Another nice joint is “Beautiful Bliss,” produced by DJ Green Lantern and Mark Ronson. The beat features a well-known string sample (you might have heard it on Lupe Fiasco’s Theme Music To A Drive-By), chorus vocals from Melanie Fiona, and a verse from another very promising newcomer who is everywhere these days, J Cole. Wale’s verses are consistently dope, but to be honest, J Cole steals the track with his performance. This is a must-hear.

Other noteworthy additions include the well-known singles “Chillin,” featuring Lady Gaga (produced by Cool and Dre), “Pretty Girls” featuring Gucci Mane (produced by Best Kept Secret), and “World Tour” featuring Jazmine Sullivan (produced by Cool and Dre).


There are only a couple knocks I have on this album. The first involves “Let It Loose,” a track produced by The Neptunes. To be honest, I typically like anything done by the Neptunes or Pharrell; they usually capture an alien-like sound that no one else can come close to duplicating. However, the production here isn’t their best effort; it seems like this beat was a throw away from the last Clipse album. Usually their production is unique, but polished. Here, it seems sloppy. Compare it to the Neptunes beat Lupe got on his debut album, and you’ll hear a distinct difference.

The second thing to note is that this a guest-heavy project. Normally this isn’t a problem, but its not what I’d want to see on a debut album. This LP is Wale’s introduction, and when there are guest performances on every other track, it sounds more like a compilation. Only established artists can appropriately have 5 or 6 guest appearances; we know what they are capable of and what to expect. While Wale is talented and has a decent following, he’s not on that level just yet.


To be clear, Attention Deficit is a good album. The production is impressive, and although Wale had a ton of hype to live up to (that will happen when you drop a track like “Nike Boots” ), this album still managed to impress. The man definitely has skill, and his presence on the mic is undeniable; he certainly shows promise. This album will leave you anticipating his second installment.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

- JB


One of my favorite new hip hop up and comers is Wale. Go support my man and buy his sick new cd.....

Wale ft Melanie Fiona and J.Cole

Wale ft Bun B-Mirrors

Back By Popular Demand

The streets were calling me back so LET'S GO.....

Clipse ft Cam'Ron- Back by Popular Demand(Popeyes)

Gucci Mane ft Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and Birdman-Wasted Remix




Three six mafia ft webbie


I have decided to grace everyone with some straight up jams. After a few months off due to my distaste for the state of Rap Music, I am back and ready to do work. I am ready to get it crackin with some hot new jams, but here is a throwback to get it started.........

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Album Review: Brother Ali - Us

Brother Ali has come to symbolize what many look for in today’s MC. An insightful writer, Ali couples pinpoint wordplay and detailed narrative with a knack for tugging at your heartstrings with introspective subject matter. Combine that with a flow that cannot be denied and a voice that you can feel in your chest, and you have the makings of one talented wordsmith. Oh yeah, he can also rock a party with the best of them. After all, you can’t always be serious, right? “US” is Ali’s third full-length installment, and he continues to showcase his versatility throughout.


The first two tracks set the tone for the album. The first is an intro entitled “Brothers & Sisters,” as a minister (Chuck D?), amidst the soulful vocals of a church choir, laments about the despair of the world and introduces Ali as a shining beacon of hope. The second is aptly titled “The Preacher,” and Ali comes out in full force. The beat is a blend of up-tempo drums, distorted guitar, and perfectly-placed horns that begs you to turn up the volume as loud as you can.

Following shortly is “The Travelers,” one of the best songs I've heard this year. Ali’s ability to tackle pertinent social issues in a creative, forceful way is unmatched, and this talent is shown here in spades. Ali speaks about race in a direct manner – partially through narrative – without being accusatory or divisive. The beat is driving and powerful, with a steel-drum/xylophone sample that fits perfectly.

Another highlight is “Babygirl,” in which Ali describes a young woman’s difficulties in overcoming childhood abuse. Again, Ali addresses a sensitive subject with the appropriate passion and skill that it deserves, and what results is a track that few artists can duplicate. The sample includes a muffled guitar riff, keys, and carefully placed percussion that famed Rhymesayers producer Ant is known for.

Other nice tracks include “House Keys,” in which Ali recalls robbing his drug-dealing upstairs neighbors and selling their products (don’t worry, they deserved it), “You Say (Puppy Love),” Ali’s ode to his lady over a string-laden guitar sample, and “Fresh Air,” another up-tempo, joyful track that proves Ali’s flow is a perfect match for Ant’s production.


There isn’t much to dislike about this album, but there is one thing to mention. “Best @ It” is a decent track featuring Freeway, but the production is confusing. Freeway handles the first verse over a mediocre sample. After Freeway spits, the beat changes to a much doper interpretation of the same sample (the drum pattern, bass line and melody are modified) and Ali absolutely murders it. It then switches back to the first version. Ali is still nice on the last portion, but it’s tough to understand why they went that route with the production. I think Freeway could have been featured in a better light; listen to it here and you’ll see (or hear) what I mean.


Brother Ali is a complete MC, and US is another solid effort. While it may not match his first LP, Shadows On The Sun, it certainly comes close. Ali and Ant have proven that they are a winning combo, and this is an album any hip-hop head can appreciate.

Rating: 4 out of 5

- JB

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some Friday New Shit

Quick Jam to get it going on friday....

Bobby Ray formerly known as B.O.B- Put me on

Obviously Bonita Applebaum is a true classic, but this is tight

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go cop Category F5

Twista ft Do or Die and Johnny P

One of the hottest tracks off of The Chi Town tongue Twista's new album

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I know its been forever since I've posted new music and yes I have gotten extremely lazy. This is partly due to the fact that i have been incredibly underwhelmed with the music being released this summer and then there is the fact that summer time Chi is in full swing. Anyways, I figure it's only right to hook you up with my latest mixtape and its a summer throwback mixtape. Enjoy!

Summer Throwback Mix tape:

Track listing: Pump it up Joe Budden
Double Up R. Kelly
Flipside Freeway
like a pimp David Banner ft Lil flip
And Then What Young Jeezy
on fire Lloyd Banks
in da club 50 Cent
big pimpin Jay Z ft UGK
Shawty Plies feat T-Pain
so seductive Tony Yayo ft 50 cent
The Way I Are Timbaland
can you believe it Style P ft Akon
where the party at Jagged Edge
Wipe Me Down Foxx ft Lil Boosie and Webbie
trade it all pt 2 Fabolous Ft Pdiddy JE
Country Grammer Nelly
What You Know About That T.I
Your Body Pretty Ricky
Big Shit Poppin T.I

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Album Review: Mos Def - The Ecstatic

The Mighty Mos, Black Dante, Boogie Man, Pretty Flaco, Freaky Night Watchman - whatever name you pick, people who know hip-hop will know exactly who you mean. And rightfully so; after semi-debuting with a classic album and forming one of the genre’s most celebrated trios (teaming up with Kweli & Hi-Tek), then following with a solo project that reached near-classic status (Black On Both Sides), this BK emcee surely deserves that recognition. However, after splitting with Rawkus Records and inking with Geffen, Mos Def turned in a new direction, experimenting with new genres and, in many cases, mashing them together. This approach was taken on his next two albums, The New Danger (2004) and True Magic (2006), and was received with mixed feelings. Many have been longing for another Blackstar album (the first CD I ever burned), or at least something that resembles BOBS. Is this the record that brings us back?


Madlib provides a good portion of the production on this record, and he doesn’t disappoint. The best track on the album may be “Auditorium,” which features a sample that instantly reminded me of Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers. The beat features strings, muffled keys, and perfectly placed percussion, and Mos Def’s flow weaves them all together seamlessly. Slick Rick closes out the track with his signature drawl and some Iraq-themed storytelling, and his performance is one of the best-fitting guest spots I’ve heard on a record this year.

Another nice track that rivals the album’s best is the J Dilla-produced “History,” which features Talib Kweli and a soul sample cut in the way that instantly reminds you of the late great producer. Mos and Kweli each contribute a verse, and their flows throw you back to the days of "Definition" and "Respiration."

A third track that deserves its own mention is “Life In Marvelous Times,” produced by Mr. Flash. This caught my ear instantly; to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Mos on a beat quite like this one before. An electronic-themed melody is anchored by strings, occasional horns, and simple, echoed, banging percussion. The dramatic sound that results is something that Mos should experiment with more. In fact, if it weren’t for some ill-timed electronic-string stabs in certain portions (listen to it, and you‘ll know exactly what I mean; they kick you in the head the first time you hear them), this could rival the two tracks above as the album’s best.

Other notables include “No Hay Nada Mas,” which features a smooth guitar sample and Mos rapping entirely in Spanish; “Supermagic,” which incorporates a distorted, Arabian-type guitar riff; “Priority,“ which employs a simple piano sample that Mos murders with one verse; and “Twilite Speedball,” a Chad Hugo-produced track that shows clear Neptunes influences.


There’s one aspect of this album that, unfortuantely, I have to mention; out of 16 tracks, only 5 of them are at least 3 minutes long. There are even three tracks under 2 minutes, and two tracks are 2:02 and 2:03, respectively. This certainly doesn’t seem like Mos Def’s most concentrated effort; it’s not like the short tracks just feature verse after verse with no chorus. As corny as this sounds, you never want to listen to an album and feel like an artist is shorting you, and not giving you their best in the booth. Sadly, this album makes you wonder at times, especially when good tracks are 1 minute, 23 seconds long (“Priority”).


If you’re looking for the album that reminds you of the Mos Def of the late-90s, you won’t find it here. If you can get past the fact that Hi-Tek isn‘t behind this one though, this album will grow on you after listening through it a couple of times. Mos is still one of the best lyricists around and his flow is still unique; to be sure, he hasn’t lost any of that. What people may want to see, however, is a step in an old, familiar direction; to the days when his production was a bit more polished and traditional.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5

- JB

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday R&B Jams

Breaking you off with some straight up hits.....

LLCoolJ ft BoyzIIMen-Hey Lover

Jagged Edge ft Run Dmc-Lets get married

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WEdnesday hits

Here is some new music late in the day, but at least its here......


One of the most slept on rappers of all time....

Download Freeway HAHAHAHA 2dope mp3

Jadakiss ft Eve, Drag-On, Styles P, Sheek Louch & DMX

Anew Ruff Ryders anthem?

Download Who Real Rmx Eve Drag Styles Sheek Louch DMX mp3

B.G. ft. Juvenile-WE FLY

Ready for that hot boys reunion...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Music Monday

Lots of new music hitting the street, so im getting a jump on it early....

Jay-Z-D.O.A(Death of autotone)

First street single off of Blueprint 3

Download here: Download Jay Death Autotune Dirty 2dope mp3

Fabolous ft Jay-z-When the money go

Hot track off of Loso's way out June 30th

Download Fabolous When the Money Goes rmx Feat Jay 2dope mp3

Fabolous ft Ne-yo-Makin love

Download Fabolous Makin Love Feat Neyo TAGS 2009 mp3

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Throwback Jam of the Day

Not much new music today so I thought I'd break you off with my throwback jam.....

PeteY Pablo-Raise Up

Raise Up - Petey Pablo

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Throwback Jam of the Day

Lil Jon-I don't give a fuck

I was sad to see it go because the crunk movement had the streets banging from block to block.......

Wednesday Street Bangers

Some hot new joints to get you through hump day.....

Mos Def ft Talib-History

Download Mos Def History Feat Talib Kweli Prod Dilla 2dope mp3

Chamillionare ft Bobby Valentino-Patron

Download Chamillionaire Patron Feat Bobby Valentino 2dope mp3

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pied Piper

So today I was not holding down any streets except for the ones at work, but I have a the hottest mixtape for all of you, the R. Kelly Gangsta Grillz Mixtape.

My Favorite R&B singer of all time and he's Chi-Town's own....

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Music Monday

Here are some hot new joints to start the week off....

Twista-I can make you say(Produced by Kanye)

An unreleased banger from Chi-Town's own

I Can Make You Say (Prod. by Kanye West) - Twista Ft Prince

Playaz Circle ft. Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne-Stupid Remix

I Can Make You Say (Prod. by Kanye West) - Twista Ft Prince

Friday, May 29, 2009

Throwback Jam of the Day

Ying Yang Twins ft Mike Jones-Badd

One of many summer 2k5 hits that will be hitting the streets...

Some Fresh New Street Shit

Straight up, I should be hooking the streetz up with multiple street bangers everyday, but I am a busy guy and need to clock hours elsewhere. That being said, today I have some fresh joints and be on the look out later for a hot throwback joint.

Birdman ft. Weezy, Rick Ross, and Jeezy- Always strapped remix

Ace Hood ft Akon and T-Pain-Overtime

Overtime feat. Akon, T-Pain - Ace Hood

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Throwback Jam of the Day

It's my birthday so I'm breaking the streetz off with my all time favorite jam.....

David Banner ft Lil Flip-Like a pimp

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Music Tuesday

I have not been on my game and I will readily admit that, but here are some new jams to end your Tuesday and hopefully tomorrow I will be at it all day.

Kia Shine ft. Young Dro and Maino-Checkin My Fresh

Young Jeezy ft drake and Weezy- I'm Going In

Off the trappin aint dead mixtape...

Juelz Santana-Days of our lives


Days Of Our Lives - Juelz Santana

Album Review: Asher Roth - Asleep In The Bread Aisle

Before I listened to one second of this album, I half-expected to rip it to pieces in a review. Asher’s mixtapes showed promise, but once he served up the track that college kids pounding Beast Light will be loving for the next decade, it was tough to take him seriously. Not that you expect more from that track - it is what it is, and he successfully roped in 90% of sorority females from coast to coast. But after that, you gotta ask yourself: "What does this kid from the Philly burbs really have to rap about?” On to the highs and lows.


Considering Asher was backed by DJ Cannon on the Greenhouse Effect mixtape, it’s surprising that Cannon supplies this album with only one track. He didn‘t short Asher though; that one track, entitled La Di Da, is an anthem-like banger. Cannon absolutely kills it with a distorted, wah-wah guitar sample, piano accompaniment, and strong, echoed percussion. Roth’s lyrics are good, his flow is solid, and the perseverance theme is memorable.

Another dope track is the album’s second single, Be By Myself, which features the incomparable Cee-Lo and is produced by Oren Yoel (who is behind most of the work on the album). Yoel seems to love guitar and organ samples, as over the half the beats on the album feature them, and this is one of the best he puts forth. Cee-Lo is only on the hook, but there are few people better at providing the soulful energy he’s perfected during his decorated career.

Other highlights include the Yoel-produced His Dream, a slower, somber track with mellow keys and strings (similar to Common’s A Song For Assata), a feel-good, ode to hip-hop track produced by Nottz & Novel entitled Fallin‘, and two ITunes bonus tracks: Perfectionist and The Lounge. Perfectionist employs the hardest beat Yoel brought to the project, and features Beanie Sigel, who absolutely murders it. Listen to it here, and tell me how it didn’t make the album, because I have no idea. The Lounge, produced by Novel, features a nice jazz piano sample, and Roth questions rapper stereotypes in with creativity.


Everyone knew when they first heard Roth that he’d be compared to Eminem. Asher devotes an entire song to this topic, entitled As I Em, in which he both praises Slim for paving the way and speaks about the struggles of making his own name. Ultimately, though, this track is unnecessary. Roth might feel the need to speak on the comparison, but an entire song on his debut album isn’t the place. I can't help but think he would have been better off just killing on the mic, and letting his skills and eventual body of work distinguish him. The track just sounds like whining, and in the end, no one needs to hear about the plight of a middle-class suburban rapper.

The second track, Blunt Cruisin’, is a complete waste of time. If you’re gonna make a track about chronic, it has to be funny, or it has to bump (Redman has perfected this). This track does neither, and as a result, it’s hot, steaming garbage.

Another failure is She Don’t Wanna Man, featuring Keri Hilson. I don’t even want to waste words on it. Don’t listen to it. Ever.


What sticks out the most is this; I can’t remember listening to an album with so much variation in track quality. To be sure, there are some really good songs on this album, and if the bonus tracks were included, the majority of the work would be impressive. But the tracklist offsets the highs with horrendous lows. To his credit, Asher does show more substance than you’d expect from the author of I Love College, and he shows that he can be an artist as opposed to a gimmick. Look for a second effort that’s more well-rounded.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

- JB

Friday, May 22, 2009

First of Many

The first Heavy In The Streetz Mixtape is here follow the link and you will be able to download a collection of the hottest tracks from our 1st month(Gonna need winzip or another unzipping program to be able to listen to it).

download mixtape

Track listing: Magic Man f. Common & John Legend Kayne West & Malik Yusef
Method Mand and Redman-A_Yo
Cam’Ron-Silky (No Homo) (
Akon_Ft._Twista-on top
Clipse ft Kanye West-Kinda Like A Big Deal
Lil boosie ft Young Jeezy-Better Believe It
Maino ft T-Pain-All The Above
Lil_Wayne_Ft[1]._Drake_Jae_Millz_And_Gudda_Gudda-_Every girl
Rick Ross ft. T-Pain, Kanye, Weezy-Maybach Music 2

More Friday New Ish

T.I.-Hell of a life

1st single off of the re-release of Paper Trail

Throwback Jam of the Day

Dmx-Ruff Ryders Anthem

Ruff Ryders Anthem - Funny blooper videos are here

Friday Street Bangers

It's Friday and as I'm preparing for a long weekend, I thought I'd hit the streetz with that new Jeezy. Also, I'm gonna try to start providing all my loyal followers with download links to the hits I post.....

Young Jeezy- Trappin aint Dead

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Throwback Jam of the Day

Birdman ft Clipse- What Happened to that boy

My niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla.....

Thursday Street Bangers

Time to break the streets off with some blazing new hits.....

Drake ft. R Kelly-Best I Ever Had Remix

Pied Piper holding it down for the Chi

Best I Ever Had (Remix) - Drake Ft R.Kelly

Hurrican Chris ft. Beenie Man, Ludacris, Lil Boosie, and Yung Joc-Halle Berry(She's Fine) Remix

This song may be the most foolish thing I've ever heard, but Boosie holds it down.

Maino ft T-Pain and Young Jeezy- All the Above Remix

Mr. 17.5 you know the name.....

all the above remix - maino ft young jeezy & t-pain